How many good groups are on MyPlate?
A:  3
B:  5
C:  6

Kids between the ages of 5-12 years old need how many hours of sleep each night?
A:  2 hours
B:  4 hours
C:  10 hours

When you are thirsty, what is the healthiest drink to choose?
A:  Soda
B:  Water
C:  Lemonade

What is the most important meal to eat when getting ready to start the day?
A:  Breakfast
B:  Lunch
C:  Dinner

What is the "Recommended Daily Amount" of exercise for kids?
A:  10 minutes
B:  25 minutes
C:  60 minutes

When riding your bicycle, you should always wear a __________ to make sure you stay safe from injury.
A:  Helmet
B:  Pair of socks
C:  Scarf

What types of foods should you eat least?
A:  Fruits
B:  Oils
C:  Grains

Which activity is a great way to stay healthy and fit?
A:  Playing video games
B:  Watching T.V.
C:  Walking with friends

What types of food are milk, cheese, and yogurt?
A:  Dairy
B:  Fruit
C:  Vegetable

How much of the human body is water?
A:  20 %
B:  40%
C:  over 60%

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